Morgan Craft

NYC Technologist

I write financial software for YCharts and build indie games.

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Featured Writings

Dev Notes on Ghost for Contributors Nov. 06 2013
For an overview of the Ghost codebase and an introduction to the various architectures.
Mongoose-Fixture Release 1.1.2 Apr. 23 2013
Release of my static data fixture loader for mongoDB using nodejs's popular Mongoose orm-mapper.
Console Disruption Mar. 13 2013
Incredible insight into the video game industry from Asymco's founder Horace Dediu.
Bower - NPM for FrontEnd Development Jan. 10 2013
Initial thoughts on Bower a new methodology to handle front-end libraries
Coffeescript Docco an Installation Guide (Ubuntu or Mac OSX) Aug. 31 2012
Installing and configuring docco
Using Forever with Coffeescript May. 07 2012
Using notejitsu's forever daemon with coffeescript
NodePhilly 2012 Notes Apr. 24 2012
Notes from NodePhilly last night, these are unedited
Flickr, your end is near. Dec. 10 2011
Questioning the future of Flickr and their lack of embeddable images

Recent Projects

Open Sourced Code

A nodejs command-line and utility library to load static json arrays/documents into mongodb.
Documentation | Project Example
Python Pinboard
A python based REST client interface to's API
Python Eqentia
A python based REST client interface to Eqentia's API
A nodejs/coffeescript commandline tool that takes a set of markdown documents and converts them to html
A django app that integrates a tumblr site into a django app, supports read & write along with user authentication

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Side Projects

A next generation browser based financial strategy game featuring dynamic story-telling and innovative multi-player systems.
Design & Development
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This Lovely Home
A home & lifestyle website in Northern NJ.
Design & Development
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