About Morgan Craft

Through more than a decade of experience in technical leadership roles, I've developed an obsession with learning. I've mentored engineers, led teams of developers, and helped CEOs understand what's going on with the technical side of their business. My experience has taught me that the key to making great products is to create teams with a built-in culture of learning.

In 2020 I founded gitBabel, the first developer platform designed to scale engineering teams through continuous learning and team collaboration. Gitbabel enables companies to document their work and create an enriching environment for developers to gain knowledge and grow their abilities.

Prior to founding gitBabel I was the CTO and Interim CEO for Hickory Training, an adaptive learning platform used by companies like Shopify, Stripe, and Mailchimp to train customer service and sales teams. During my time at Hickory, I led a team of engineers, data-scientist, and learning experts. We rebuilt the product from the ground up, and helped to create a culture of learning, mentoring, and inclusive collaboration.